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Kohler PRO is a multifaceted, industry based website designed with the values of functionality and efficiency in mind. Kohler PRO helps simplify the bathroom design process from the initial concept right through to installation.

In this specialist area of our website you can gain access to all the technical information you require regarding Kohler products, download installation guides, CAD blocks and cut-out templates.

Who is it for?

We have designed Kohler PRO for designers, architects and installers. This section of the website is to make your life easier when deciding upon the best choices for a bathroom installation. Through Kohler PRO you can do everything you need to do when first designing your bathroom project to putting the final touches together.


It's Free!

Kohler PRO is completely free of charge. Our goal is to give you all the information you require to make your projects live up to their full potential. If you want to put a bathroom together, allow Kohler PRO to be your guide.


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Watch this space as we are currently giving our site an overhaul with a new design
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